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Netstation cloud ERP solution with Webshop for distribution and trading companies.


E-fertility cloud fertility center management with patient records, protocol monitoring, lab management, patient assessment and quality control.

Hotel & Restaurant

Netstation cloud hotel and restaurant management solution for multi location hotel groups.



“The Netstation cloud based system not only changed the way we do business but also the way we think about business. The implementation support was excellent. Oren Infotech worked with us to configure Netstation to meet our business needs, they are very responsive and continuously work on upgrades.”


Justin Richefond

Finance Director,

Mara Facility Services,

London, UK




Mara Facility Services, London, UK

One year ago Mara was using a legacy system to fulfil its business processing needs.  The main drawbacks of the system were operational complexity, lack of information transparency, existence of bottlenecks, missing business processes (e.g. delivery), low information visibility and third party Webshop with complicated connectivity.


Netstation system was introduced to Mara with the intention of upgrading to latest available technology, to fix the above weaknesses in the legacy system and future proof the business. Streamlined business process and user friendly screens of Netstation enabled a complete turnaround of how Mara operated its business.


Productivity of the sales order taking call centre increased, more orders are taken now with less staff.  Order processing visibility allows staff to provide accurate updates to customers. The field sales team is able to provide quotations to customers on the go and get approval in quick time. Sales orders are generated on the go after customer visits. The field sales team has access to real time company stock levels as well as supplier stock levels through EDI.  


Purchase of goods was made process oriented. Purchasing dashboard can check in real time supplier stock availability. Therefore, breaks in supply chain are noticed early and purchase orders are rerouted to another supplier immediately, enabling efficient fulfillment of customer orders.


Warehouse management has been completely re-engineered and improved with the streamlined process introduced by Netstation. Transparency and accurate stock balances enables Mara to operate with optimum level of stocks with minimum stock losses. Mara can now move to a virtual warehousing business model where physical warehousing and delivery will be minimised, and later made redundant.  


Newly added delivery system with electronic signature has enabled the finance department of Mara to generate invoices accurately on the delivery day itself, based on actual deliveries. This has resulted in improved cash flow by quick receipt of customer payments.


A great number of transactions are facilitated through EDI features in Netstation. Purchase orders are transmitted through EDI and Supplier invoices are received through EDI for supported suppliers. EDI received supplier invoices are now auto matched with purchase orders, greatly reducing manual work of payment processing.


Netstation’s integrated Webshop is an important aspect of Mara’s gradual move towards a virtual business model, where vast majority of orders are expected to be received in the future. Cloud technology offered by Netstation proved to be a game changer once the lock down came into place. It enabled Mara to continue its business without disruption.


Overall, investing in Netstation proved to be greatly beneficial for Mara. Now it boasts technological capability to move towards a virtual business of the future.



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